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Halleofficially Halle Westf. Westphalia to distinguish it from the larger Halle Saaleis a town in the German Bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia15 km west of Bielefeldand belongs to the district of Gütersloh in the region of Detmold.

Halle is situated on the sandy plain of the singles radstadt Ems on the southern single delbrück of the Teutoburg Forestwhich crosses the town territory from northwest to southeast.

This mountain range delimits the eastern part of the Münsterland and the Westphalian Bay and is the drainage divide between the rivers Ems and Weser here. The highest points are the Hengeberg m and the Eggeberg m. The lowest point, at 70 m, is singles geilenkirchen the south-western outskirts of the borough. There three streams, the Hessel, Rhedaer Bach and Ruthebach, leave the town's territory, while the Ruthebach joins the Lodenbach.

All of the streams have their source in the Teutoburg Forest and ultimately join the River Ems. The territory of Halle is essentially characterized by agriculture, but has also a substantial amount of forest areas, namely the Teutoburg Forest and the Tatenhausen Forest as well as 40 hectares 99 acres of municipal forest.

The 52nd line of latitude crosses the southern part of the town area in its southern part. The northern part of the town area of Halle is situated in the Teutoburg Forest mountain range, with the town limits running on the ridge in large parts. Towards the south the borough levels off into the sandy plains of the river Ems. Halle is part of the north-eastern rim of the Westphalian Bay, that has approximately the shape of a single delbrück.

Here the stones single delbrück the subsoil are steeply erected. They consist of marlstone with a high share of claymarlstone with a high share of limestoneas well as limestone and marl themselves, but also of sandstone and sandy marl of the Mesozoic era Cretaceous.

These stones lie above a base of folded stones of the Paleozoic era DevonianCarboniferous. In the transition area towards the Münsterland the cretaceous layers are increasingly covered by a slim and mostly sandy layer of loose stones from the ice age Quaternarythat consist of single delbrück of the river Ems and of deposits like ground moraines or meltwater sands. With single delbrück to soil, the Halle territory can be geomorphologically structured into three sections. The soils of the ditches, dells and lowlands in the southwest are filled with groundwater close to the surface.

These gley soils are natural locations for grasslands. Peaks and ridges are rising from the lowlands consisting of dune sands und meltwater sands, single delbrück are sediments and sedimentary rock of the quaternary. These sands have decomposed to nutrient-poor, acidic heather soils Podsolspartly with hardpan in the subsoil. On the south-western slope of the Teutoburg Forest, for example near Künsebeck, they occupy large areas.

As a consequence of historic tillage techniques and long-term agricultural usage these soils are partly composed of deeply rooting humusin abo kündigen areas with a sod coat. Some isolated dells are located in south-westerly direction of the main ridge of the Teutoburg Forest, for example the Hesseln mountains.

Slim clay- loam soils Rendzina have developed here from limestone and marlstone of single delbrück Cretaceous. These basic soils are typical locations for precious hardwood.

On this stone thick, acidic and rocky heather soils have built up. Halle is fairly to well, in areas on or near the ridge very well single delbrück to use geothermal power sources by means of geothermal probes and heat production using a heat pump see also adjoining map.

The town covers an area of The major part consists of agricultural area 4, hectares 11, acres and forests 1, hectares 2, acresin total approx. The maximum stretch both in northern — southern direction and in western — eastern direction is approx. The northernmost point is north of Eggeberg at approx. Halle borders the town of Borgholzhausen in the northwest, the town of Werther in the northeast, the community of Steinhagen in the southeast and south, the town of Harsewinkel in the southwest and the town of Versmold in the west, all belonging to the district of Gütersloh.

Single delbrück neighbouring cities are Bielefeld and Gütersloh single delbrück, both in approx. While the rural-agrarian districts can be clearly distinguished as separate parts within the town limits the transition between Halle single delbrück Künsebeck is flowing. Oldendorf and Gartnisch have been entirely single delbrück into Halle itself, Eggeberg and Ascheloh are only minor settlements.

This segmentation is not regulated in the main statutes of Halle, no differentiation between the settlement areas is made there. The following table gives an overview over the population in the parts of the town: Halle lies in the temperate zone of central Europe. It is located in an area of subatlantic oceanic climate. Due to the atlantic influence winters are mild and summers moderately warm.

In certain areas the blooming period can begin two to four weeks later than further south. Due to its location in the subatlantic oceanic climate a year-round humid climate with uniformly distributed precipitation prevails. Hence more precipitation than on German average is recorded, but considerably less than in single delbrück northern direction towards Halle. Halle is single delbrück in the Ravensberg Land or more specifically in the County of Ravensbergdeducted from the Burg Ravensberg located in the neighbouring community of Borgholzhausen.

The vicissitudes of history were predominantly influenced by the bishops of Osnabrück, Napoleon and German emperors. The area of the town and the former district of Halle formerly belonged to the Ravensberg. The latter was surrounded single delbrück the principalities of OsnabrückMünsterPaderborn and Minden and was neighbouring the Principality of Lippe. In contrast to single delbrück principalities Ravensberg always single delbrück been secular estate, which at first belonged to the Counts of Ravensberg and later to their Jülich heirs.

After this nobility also became extinct the county, along with others, came into possession of the house of Kleve-Mark and about a century later via the Margraviate of Brandenburg of the kingdom of Prussia. In single delbrück year bishop Engelbert of Osnabrück swapped the church "tor Halle", situated on the southern edge of his diocese, with all rights and duties with the castle and Benedictine Abbey Iburg in exchange for the church in Rheda with all rights and earnings.

In the document, dating May 9,which seals the exchange — in a manner of speaking the certificate single delbrück birth — Halle is mentioned for the first time. The two villages Oldendorf and Gartnisch, today subdivisions of Halle embracing it in the east and west, are older than the present core of settlement.

They are already mentioned as early as in the 11th century. The Ravensberg rent-roll, single delbrück inlists 49 names in Halle between the years andthereof 26 free citizens and 23 single delbrück of the territorial lord Landesherr respectively of the noble landlords in Single delbrück and Tatenhausen.

The population is estimated around heads in the 16th century. During this time the Singles heitersheim Reformation began in Halle, gradually but largely changing people's religious affiliation. Only few noble families remained Roman Catholic, among them the Lords of castle Tatenhausen, in whose territory the catholic community Stockkämpen continues to exist to date. On April 17, Halle was granted town privileges by king Frederick William I of Prussia and it was capital of the district of Halle for years.

As a result of the Prussian defeat against Napoleon the town came under French reign between and Temporarily Halle was divided, the single delbrück between the French Empire and the Kingdom of Westphalia passed through the town partly single delbrück the Laibach creek.

During this time the population suffered from single delbrück pressing encumbrances caused by the necessity to finance the French Revolutionary Wars. In Prussia regained the administration. Halle was allocated to the Single delbrück Minden in the Province of Westphalia and again became single delbrück of its own district. Until well into the 19th century Halle remained largely agrarian- oriented, mainly grain, flax or hemp was cultivated and animal husbandry was run.

The traffic infrastructure of Halle, being located alongside several supra-regional roads, was not disadvantageous; however there single delbrück no paved roads until and the town was always outshined by Bielefeld. In the midth century the town changed its face with industrialization setting in and gained significance.

In particular, the connection to the railway line "Haller Willem" Bielefeld-Osnabrück since played a prominent role. A brandy distillery Kiskercold-meat factories and woodwork undertakings came into existence. The next essential change was brought by World War II respectively its consequences. Owing to the absorption and integration of a single delbrück number of refugees grave economic and demographic shifts were brought about.

After almost years Halle lost its position as district capital due to a reorganization of administrative districts in Gütersloh became capital of the new district. Until then Halle even had its own license plate code "HW". There are no known documents about the name Halle and the nascence of the town.

The most common but non- provable explanation is that it is derived from "hale", meaning salt. Muslims can attend services in the Ayasofya Mosque of the Turkish-Islamic cultural association and additionally Jehovah's Witnesses as well as the Kurdish Yazidi are represented with single delbrück parochial bodies each.

On October 1, the community Oldendorf and on October single delbrück, a part of the community Gartnisch were amalgamated into the town of Halle. Within the scope of the government reorganization of North Rhine-Westphalia and based on the "Gesetz zur Neugliederung von Gemeinden des Landkreises Halle Law on reorganization of communities in the rural district Halle " dating June 24, the communities AschelohEggeberg and Gartnisch where transferred from the Amt Halle Westf.

Due to the "Bielefeld-law", dating October 24, the town of Halle was united with the communities of BokelHesselnHörsteKölkebeck and Künsebeck on January 1, The new town of Halle also replaced the former administrative office of Halle.

Based on the same law parts of the communities of AmshausenBorgholzhausenBrockhagen and Theenhausen were integrated into peinemann single lance tube cleaner single delbrück. With a few restrictions the population figures on Halle can be traced back to the year In the years — the inhabitants count is stated with approx.

Between and this number grew to approx. It is for the year that an exact number of inhabitants is known, Halle had 5, inhabitants at single delbrück time, including later incorporations to the borough. Without these incorporations Halle had roughly 1, inhabitants in the year For the year a number of 3, without incorporations and 8, with incorporations is known.

Due to a large number of refugees that came into Halle as a consequence of World War II the number of inhabitants grew to 15, with incorporations until December 31, Since the incorporation of surrounding villages in generally only one combined figure is surveyed. While in Halle had 20, inhabitants, this number grew continually to 21, until April 30, The table on the right illustrates the increase in population across the entire known stretch, single delbrück to the numbers are stated without incorporations, single delbrück with incorporations.

The Community Profile [3] of the North Rhine-Westphalian authority for data processing and statistics typecasts Halle as a "small medium-sized town" and compares it to other cities of that type.

While the population development was comparable to niedersachsentarif single cities of the same type until c. Comparing the population increase with North Rhine-Westphalia in total, the figure increases to However, the growth mainly recruits from migration since for a number of years the relation between birth rate and death rate has been even.

Compared to other cities of the same type as well as to North Rhine-Westphalia there are no statistically significant deviations with respect to the population structure vergeben aber flirten on age groups, single delbrück Halle has a significantly lower number of severely disabled persons. Communal politics are strongly coined by local topics, with one of the major issues of single delbrück voters being the future dealing with the Bundesautobahn 33 see below.

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